Human Resources

Sağlam Yapı - İnsan Kaynakları

Internship Application
Internship opportunities are offered for upper-level undergraduates, all candidates must have a good command of English, and the average of at least 3.0. Every year, the deadline for applications is March 31. Due to high demand and limited facility, we recommend you complete your application at the beginning of the year.
General Application
In Saglam's constantly evolving structure of the work, people capable of making a difference are welcomed to apply for a job via our website.
Element Selection Procedure
Internet job search sites and web applications made through our website by examining the eligible candidates shall be evaluated in consultation with the authorities. Candidates with the qualifications required of a detailed study prescribed are interviewed by the Human Resources Manager. In accordance with the requirements of the position, as a result of interviews with the candidates supported by specific tests, selected employees are placed in appropriate positions.